God Morning, world.

Forfilling God Morgon's brand promise using the universal language of music.


God Morgon (Swedish for "Good Morning") is Swedens third largest juice brand. Since Scandinavian consumption of juice is at it's highest around breakfast, the morning is a strategic sweet spot. While mobile is growing, we set out to create something social using mobile.


A morning begins with people waking up, using an alarm clock. Even though the clock is nowadays replaced with smartphones, the experience in many cases is a painful one.


Our invention: a social wake-up clock with Spotify integration. This allow you to create wake-ups from millions of songs to yourself or your friends. (without them knowing what song you have chosen). Get ready for a new day with God Morgon and Spotify.


Social dialogue through music

Friends have common references to music. By letting people selecting wakeup-songs for their friends as a surprise, the app uses this aspect socially.

–Wake to jazz, snooze to dubstep. Via your Spotify account you can choose from millions of songs.

–Invite your friend via facebook by selecting a song for him/her to wake up to.

Spotify API
Facebook connect
iPhone & Android